Ali Mac Love


As a new business feedback is vital. Here are some descriptions and thoughts from my lovely customers and testers.

             “Scent still lingers long after candle is out”        "Real Hygge!"

         "Love the lid”                “Lovely scent”                 “Clean and fresh"

  “Natural”            “Look totally banging”             “Man candle"
"Gorgeous packaging"     "Personal"     "Impressed how long they last"
"A gift from the highlands with style"
“ Scout Dog is my perfect scent…I wish I could have it as a perfume”
“I love Scout Dog, really subtle aroma, lingers 'gently' for ages. I have never been a fan of heavily scented candles so usually never light them, but this is a winner in my book”
“They are lovely and I like that they are not girly. Gender neutral so will appeal to everyone”
“Very evocative. Think of all those city folk enjoying a whiff of Coigach and imagining themselves here...”
"what a lovely candle smell': we all agreed it's very fresh, delicate and natural compared to other candles. Really nice when extinguished too”
“Unlit, I love Scout dog, it's very balanced. White horses of the Minch seems a lot stronger to me, more forestry”
“I love their subtlety. Not been a fan of scented candles in the past but love them”.
“Scout Dog - Unlit - Clean, subtle, masculine (in a good way) After 2 hours lit - LOVE LOVE! Fresh but not overpowering”
 “White Horses of the Minch - Unlit - strong, zesty, clean. 2 hours lit - Citrus - again not overpowering which I thought it might be as it was stronger than NO1. Love it!!”
 “Just got home to gorgeous candle N02! It smells incredible”
"Had Scout dog burning again last night. Real hygge!"
"My candles that i got in November are finally coming to an end and i have to say.... being a bit of a candle junkie they were the best candles i have had, the smell lasts for ever and makes the room feel so yummy! @alimaccandles are not only beautiful to look at they have some really cool quirky fragrances that last for days!!! i love love love them!"
"Just received my first order of candles, and I have to say the only complaint I have is that they all smell so good! Took me ages to decide which one to light up first Fast delivery and very nicely packaged, ready to be given as gifts."

"I have bought a few , love the packaging and the amazing aromas from each of the different and locally named candles . love them all."


"Love My Alimac candle. Recently got the gin and tonic one and love the smell. Will be getting lots more!"


 "Unique candles from a wonderful young designer. Truly Scottish and Highland."


"Just bought White Horses of the Minch and Wee Mad Road , gorgeous ! 👌💕"