The Coigach Candle Collection.


Coigach on the North West coast of Scotland is unique. From land-shaping storms to tropical paradise sunsets, life here is exhilarating.

Each Ali Mac Candle contains a piece of the life on this windy coastline, a life close to the weather and all its challenges and pleasures, a life that moves in time with the passage of the seasons. It is a place that holds folk close, whose magic keeps people coming back year after year. Life here is at a slower pace.

After a walk in the hills with your four legged friend, to then cosy up by a wood burning stove, with a good book, a hand poured candle and a wee dram...well life doesn’t get much better….does it?

This connection to the West Coast and nature influences the brand. Each scent is selected not just to smell good but to provide a sort of purpose. Whether that is to relax, refresh, motivate or bring nostalgia. The scents I have chosen call attention to important pieces of Coigach, from the Highland Heather in Wee Mad Road to the Sea Salt of the crashing waves on Coigach beach’s.

My first jar collection “The Coigach Collection” is inspired by my home, friends, family, of course my sidekick Scout Dog, and every candle has its own unique story. Hand poured in my beach cottage, each soy wax candle is sealed in a reusable amber jar. The perfect packaging to take highland vibes with you on any journey.


About Ali Mac:

My heart has always called me back to the beautiful area of Coigach – my home and where I grew up. The area and community mean a great deal to me. Since University in Edinburgh studying Marine Biology, traveling around America, spending a year in Australia and visiting many more countries around the world, the Highlands is always where I want to be.

Living in such a remote area employment is tough, and even though passionate about marine biology and the environment the riddle of moving for a job or following one’s heart was a battle.

Moving back home luckily enough coincided with a good friend beginning her own dream of a sustainable fish restaurant SALT Sea Food Kitchen. For 3 years I enjoyed working with my friends, promoting sustainable fishing, and meeting people from all over the world. It's a pleasure talking to visitors about Coigach, the islands, the wildlife and the people. I now work for the Tanera Restoration Project on the Isle of Tanera Mor. I’m lucky to get a boat to and from work every day.
Candles have always been a passion of mine. The memories and feelings they can conjure are very special. The perfect way to relax and make any space feel like home is by lighting a candle.
Ali Mac Candles began when making eco-friendly candles recycled from oyster shells collected from working at SALT. The oyster candle love has grown and allowed development into a bespoke business, combining my passion for the Highlands, the Marine environment, Photography, Interior design, Sustainability and Recycling.
Since beginning my candle journey there hasn’t been a day a candle hasn’t been lit in the cottage. I create candles I use myself and adore to gift to friends and family.
West-Coaster Vibes 
Born from a love of the Highlands and living slow, with scents curated to bring the vibes of the West Coast mountains and sea indoors. 
Ali Mac X